November News 2016

Another month has passed at Monkey Puzzle Angel, and there have been lots of exciting activities and events going on throughout November. Now in the run up to Christmas the Monkey Puzzle family continues to grow, with both new children settling in and new members of our team joining us also.

We would like to welcome three new members of staff to our team this month. Monica and Courtney who are based in the Baby room, have joined us all the way from Italy and Australia.

Monica has worked in a number of different childcare and education roles both in England and her home country Italy. She completed a degree course in Early Childhood Education in Milan before relocating to London to pursue her career working with children.

Courtenay has worked in a range of childcare roles also, and has over four years experience as a nanny, nursery practitioner and support worker for children with additional needs. She has studied Education at Notre Dame University in Sydney and also completed a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.
Our other new recruit Zahra is in the Toddlers room, she is starting an apprenticeship with us.

Upcoming Events

Thursday 15th December – Christmas Jumper Day & Christmas Lunch.
Come and visit the nursery for a Christmas lunch, and enjoy a visit from Santa to the nursery!
Time: 11:30am – 2:00pm. Everyone can wear a Christmas jumper to get in the festive mood.
All are welcome but if this is a day when your child does not attend nursery we will have to ask that you stay here with them during your visit.

Discoverers Room (Babies)

We would like to welcome our new settlers, and new members of staff in the baby room. We are getting very busy and the baby room family is growing fast.
We have had a very busy month. We have enjoyed painting with our sensory balls, and we will continue with this activity as most of our babies loved getting messy. During this month, we have celebrated Children In Need in which the children painted our big Pudsey Bear with body painting, we also celebrated Remembrance Day, and decorated some poppies.
It’s going to be a very merry messy month as we prepare for Christmas. We will be doing lots of messy play (slimes with lots of glitter, flour and oil play, and lots more).Please remember to bring in extra spare clothes.

As well as messy play, we will be doing lots of singing nursery songs with body actions, and will be encouraging the children to join in. We have a big pink box with the children’s picture. Every morning during our circle time we will fill this with different objects from around the room. Each of the objects will represent a nursery song, the children will be encouraged to choose an object, and this will promote sharing, and turn taking.

We are encouraging most of our babies to use their spoon. If you can continue to do this at home then this would be really helpful to build consistency between nursery and home.
Lastly We have a few children who are having their birthdays this month, we would like to wish them all a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance!
Lots of Love from the Baby Room Team.

Explorers and Inventors (Toddlers & Pre-School)

This month has been very busy in the Toddler and Preschool room! We have been celebrated many events and working on a very intensive topic, which is “people who help us”. Children (and adults!) have had the chance to go on an amazing trip to the fire station!

The fire men were very kind to us, they let us go on the fire truck and press all the buttons! At the end, we went to see how the hose works. We all took turns to hold the hose and get the tall walls wet. It was so much fun!

We also pretended to be doctors, by using our doctor tools, and hairdressers, by cutting the “hair” of the paper plates.
Children were engaged in arts and crafts activities as well as role playing, such as being at the police station and driving the police car, or making a fire truck out a box and jumping in to drive the truck!

As children are really enjoying this topic, we have decided to extend it. Therefore, we would like to invite parents who would like to share their exciting profession with us! If you would like to join us, please, talk to a member of the team so set up a date and a time, so that we can be ready!

During this month, we have also celebrated Remembrance Day, in which children were in silence for 2 minutes and decorated some poppies.

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