January News 2017

Office News

Happy New Year to all our lovely parents and children we hope you had a good break and are ready for the fun year ahead. We would like to introduce (if you haven’t already met them!) all the new staff. Francesca (Deputy Manager) will be joining the management team and working alongside Zain in the successful running of the nursery. We would like to welcome Emma, Monica and Courtenay to the Discoverers team and Melanie to the Inventors team we hope you enjoy working within the lovely Angel team and wish you every success.

We would like to congratulate Joy in becoming the baby room leader- she’s accepted the challenge and we know she will do an amazing job!

Just a few reminders for all parents we have planned 3 inset days this year that will take place either on a Monday or a Friday. We do this to benefit the staff and therefore the children as Monkey Puzzle pride themselves on making sure all staff are up to date on current policy and procedure. This year the days are Monday 27th of March, Friday 9th of June and 1st of September. The nursery will be closed on those days and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please can you ensure that all buggies are being closed and stored appropriately as the children play in the garden and it can be a hazard if they are not.
As a management team, we appreciate all your feedback and comments and we would like to reinforce that our door is always open. We are always happy to talk to you about your child’s development, any worries you may have and happy to support you with any queries . Coffee and the occasional biscuit will be provided!!!!


We would just like to start with Happy New Year to everyone. Welcome to all the new parents and children that have joined us!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas break! It is so lovely to see how much the babies have developed over the break. Funny how nearly 2 weeks can make such an impact! Thank you so much for the support during our Christmas Lunch. It was amazing to see so many parents make the effort to come to the special lunch. As well as the lovely lunch, we had an amazing Santa’s Grotto, we hope the babies enjoyed it as much as we did! To mark the special occasion our babies joined in many of the Christmas activities making lovely artwork. We hoped you liked them as much as we did!

Now it is a new year, hasn’t the time flown by? This month has been eventful. We have planned activities for Australia Day, Martin Luther King Day and Chinese New Year. To help celebrate the babies have been engaging in lots of messy play. Messy play is a recurrent theme in baby room as the babies’ love exploring using their whole body really enjoying the sensory experience. It’s great to see how the babies learn through messy play exploring.

Every day the babies will come together and sit for circle time. We just want to say how proud we are of all the children as they have been sitting and engaging brilliantly. We have been using a range of resources to engage the children, such as puppets, books and musical instruments. All the resources help focus the children and most importantly aid in their learning. Please let us know if the children have a favourite song or nursery rhyme so we can sing them at circle time and throughout the day.

As the number of children is increasing we just want to remind parents to label their children’s clothing to prevent them from getting misplaced. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The babies love the activities such as water, sand and paint so we ask you to bring plenty of spare clothes as we tend to change the children quite often. We try and encourage the children to wear aprons but we do apologise for any paint that may get on the children’s clothes. We advise you not to bring children in their best clothes as the children really enjoy getting messy!


It’s another new year and we are ready to get busy learning and having lots of fun playing and growing together. We would like to welcome some new children to the toddler room- Guy, Sam and Arthur who have all recently joined our growing room and have made lots of new friends and are settling in very well.

We would like to thank all the parents for all their amazing presents you gave to us over the Christmas period, its very kind of you all so a big thank you from all the toddler room team! We would also like to thank you for joining in with all the fundraising activities as all the money we collected from all the kind parents and carers goes to amazing charities.

This month our first topic of the year has been all about the children’s favourite toys. The children all took turns in drawing some of their favourite toys and even decorated a big Thomas that Emese drew for all the children. We have also talked about seasons and just before Christmas the children created a wonderful seasons board all about winter with a wonderful snowman and Christmas trees. The children even got to see some snow in real life when we had an unexpected snow shower at home time!

Even though it has been a bit chilly the children have all still enjoyed our regular trips to the playground and library. As well as this we still regularly go to the garden and as the warmer weather approaches we will be planning lots more fun days out!
This month we also celebrated Martin Luther King Junior Day and decorated our own Martin Luther King with a very iconic and inspirational speech bubble of ‘’I have a dream’’. As an activity, all the children talked about their ‘dreams’, it was very interesting to hear what the children had to say! The children also decorated some piece signs to represent piece and equality.

To work a bit closer with parents, we are going to start our “home learning bags”. Inside these bags, children will find different resources- it may be something that they really like, or something that they need to work on. The children will get to take these resources home so they can enhance what they have been learning at nursery at home. This will give you a chance to see how much progress your child is making on a weekly or even daily basis. We will ask parents for a signature, to keep track of what is being taken home there will also be a date to be returned. Along with the “home learning bags”, children can also borrow books from nursery. Both resources will help us increase the children’s home/nursery link. Please note that the items that you are taking need to be returned in the same conditions. Parents will be asked to give a contribution if the resources are missing or damaged. We invite parents to participate in this learning journey and to tell us your experiences. Also, if you would like to request a specific resource in your “home learning bag”, do not hesitate to ask a staff member!

We would like to tell parents that, due to the different allergies that our children may have, children are no longer allowed to keep any cream, food or medications in their bags. If you really need to bring these items in, please let a member of staff know, and we will keep it in a safe place!


We would like to welcome Zander, Lucas and Sophia to Preschool, as well as Leonardo, that comes from Toddler room.
As you all know, we have been joining Toddler room for a few months. However, we have been using some of the facilities that are in Preschool, such as the Wize floor and the Smart Board, and from now on, we will be staying in Preschool every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, as we want to do our big boys’ and girls’ activities!

These activities will help pre-schoolers get ready for big school, while also having lots and lots of fun! Although we are using the room on the days mentioned beforehand, the room is also opened anytime during the day so that we can take full advantage of all the resources, as well as meet every child’s needs.
During this month, children have been learning the Gruffalo song. Alongside this children have been involved in activities such as drawing a Gruffalo and doing the Gruffalo Puzzles. We have also been learning lots about maths, exploring the shapes of objects by making stamps on paper, making ice-cream and counting the scoops, and pretending to be a bumble bee that jumps on different numbered flowers!

You will soon see all this work reflected on our art and craft display. Besides this display, we will be working on the other displays, each having a different theme. There will be the cultural display, in which children will be able to learn about different celebrations, the topic of the month, and the season display, which will include the days of the week and the different months.

As many of you have noticed, we have a reading area upstairs. The children can go up to the reading area to look at their favourite book independently but also to listen to a group story with their friends. Children will be able to work on a different book each week and then we will display their work on the literacy display.

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