Happy Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year, February 2017

To celebrate Chinese New Year pre-school and toddler room children took a trip to China Town!

To learn a little bit more about the celebration the children watched videos, read stories and created some traditional arts and crafts before the visit.

To get to China Town the children had to take the bus- they loved it! They even wore their traditional masks on the ride there!

When they arrived in China town the children went on a Dragon hunt- finding as many dragons as they could … They even managed to ride one!!!!

The children then went and looked round a Chinese supermarket. They saw lots of different things and decided to buy noodles, chop sticks and lucky candy. The children loved looking round the supermarket especially getting to see a live crab!

At the end of the visit the children walked through the main entrance of China Town where they got to admire all the beautiful lanterns. Just like the ones they made at nursery!!!!