Our Fancy New Spotify Account!

26-spotify.w1200.h630We’ve had some parents come across a little problem at home! Their children start singing a song and our parents can’t always make out what it is they’re singing!

Well, luckily our clever IT monkeys over at our sister nursery (Monkey Puzzle Highbury) have come up with a solution and they’ve been nice enough to share with us! Introducing, our brand new Spotify account: https://open.spotify.com/user/monkeypuzzlehighbury

Our selection is a cheery combination of the English classics, as well as nursery songs from other countries, to meld with our language syllabus. Not all of our songs are on spotify (if you can’t find what you want there, try youtube), but we’ve compiled as many as we could! As you can see from the ‘our ethos‘ page, we value music highly as part of education.

We also would like to be able to work with you, the parents, to provide a continuous and comprehensive educational experience (If you’d like to read more about our efforts to work with parents, please try our ‘parent partnering’ page). We love it when children can build on home learning in the nursery and nursery learning at home! So this is an extension of that part of our mission as well. So please, stand up, get on your dance shoes, bring out the microphones and lets bring the joy of music to our little budding musicians and artists at home!