“Definitely. The staff truly care about the children and make such an effort to ensure that every day is fun and interesting.” Anna Parsons

“I would recommend the nursery to others as the care Isla receives is fantastic and she is so happy to go to nursery each day.” Rebecca Foote

“We just wanted to let you know how happy we are that we decided to have Loek at your nursery. We love seeing him come home from messy play, his clothes covered in paint or starch. We’re confident it won’t be long before we start seeing that Loek starts copying skills of his friends at the nursery. He’s always smiling when we pick him up and we feel he’s very safe in your care. The nursery also feels very clean and organised. We are also very happy with his key carer Joy. She is expertly caring and very sweet and skill full. We love listening to stories about his day and how long he slept or whether he finished his dessert. Good marks all round.” Loek’s Mum and Dad

“Yes, MP is a very welcoming place for any child and always put their well being and care as a top priority. The staff are patient and understanding, taking the time to listen to our comments and answering our endless questions.Joshua has had a wonderful time settling into Monkey Puzzle and we can tell he has thoroughly enjoyed his time there so far! Furthermore, we really enjoyed the occasional event for parents to attend such as the Father’s Day barbeque, it was a great opportunity for other parents to get to know each other better and take the time as well to meet all the staff.

Also the new parent board has been really helpful with meals, upcoming events and other important information.” Doris Yeung

“My daughter had a smooth and easy settling in. She was well looked after. The staff made sure that she was stimulated enough and according to her own development.” Sam’s Mum and Dad

“I would recommend Monkey Puzzle on the basis that Aria has settled in really well and is very happy at the nursery, that the staff are always helpful and we get a quick response to any questions.” Izzy Turner

“Today it’s been one year since Nina first attended nursery for her settling session. I would like to thank each of you who always treated us so well and looked after our most precious thing with so much love and care. Also, I would like to take a chance and thank you for the lovely note you posted on September news letter about Nina’s birthday, I was so touched when I read that I couldn’t avoid getting emotional as you guys make such great part in Nina’s life. Sending all my love to you all and congratulations for the amazing job you do!” Roberta and Rafael