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Indoor/Outdoor Play Spaces

Monkey Puzzle Angel offers the very best play spaces for the children in our nursery. We are very excited to announce that we have agreed upon the final design for our all-weather indoor/outdoor play space. This beautiful area consists of a private outdoor terrace garden, combined with a bespoke indoor play gym! Lots of space to play and explore both indoors and out!

The specially designed outdoor garden will offer children a chance to get some fresh air and sunshine throughout the day in a safe and enclosed environment. Our garden provides opportunities to play with the water wall, growing planters and outdoor resources during our daily outdoor time.

All age groups will be invited up as part of our regular schedules and we can even give them views of the Shard and the London Skyline through our vision panels. The glass doors open nice and wide so we can also allow children to enjoy any part of the area that they choose during this time.

Through the doors is our most exciting feature, the indoor play gym! This amazing jungle themed feature is part of our all-weather indoor/outdoor play area and will provide endless fun for children of any age. The whole room is padded with soft play mats to provide a safe place for children to improve their gross motor skills and general physical development. The gyms are all see-through and surrounded by safety netting so the children are always safe and within sight.

Monkey Puzzle Angel offers our children the very best play spaces possible, both inside and out, with every area equipped to the highest standards. Our highly trained staff monitor the children’s activities and engage throughout, ensuring they have the space to learn and grow within the safety of our care and encouragement from adults to play and explore. Allowing the children to learn through play helps them to continue their development, learning both fine and gross motor skills as they discover the world around them.