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Deputy Room Leader - Inventors

About Me:

Ana Diaz Nursery Practitioner

Hi I’m Ana and I am originally from Spain. I grew up in Toledo which was a fantastic green environment full of nature. My favorite thing to do is play different sports. The one I love most is handball as I was playing for 8 years. After playing I then went onto coach which was a great experience too.

Whilst at university I become confident with my English and it was during this time that I decided to move to London.

The thing I love about working with children is that they are always looking for your help and love and enjoying being able to give them this through learning. They make life better so my goal in educating them is to give back to them my best self so they can learn and grow in my care.


  • Spanish

Qualifications, Skills &Experience:

  • 2 Years in Childcare
  • Primary Education Degree
  • Basic Safeguarding & Child Protection
  • Food Hygiene


  • English (Advance)
  • Spanish (Native)