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Nursery Assistant - Explorers Room

About Me:

Hello! My name is Elena, but most people call me Layna! I was born in London but raised in Northern Ireland. I loved the culture and how close everyone was in the community; it still feels like home to this day. I wanted to live and work in London because I love this city, it was where I was born. And secondly, as well as my passion and love for childcare, my other passion is for the performing arts.

In my spare time, I love going on long walks, so a usual adventure up to Hampstead Heath is very common! When I’m back home in Northern Ireland, my favourite sport is surfing and swimming in the open water.

I absolutely love working with children! Children are so passionate and excitable about any activity they do or accomplish, and I love being involved and helping build in their imagination. Be it through sensory motor skills by cutting through glitter pasta or making slime and watching how they manoeuvre a task in a puzzle or talk to their friends; the children bring me into their world and I absolutely love it.


  • English

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:

  • 5 years’ experience in childcare
  • Diploma in Musical Theatre
  • Food and Hygiene
  • Basic Child protection


  • English