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Tweenies & Toddlers Environment (Explorers)

The Toddler Room is a playground fit for any young explorer! By this age your child will be eager to engage with the surrounding world, so it is important that there is plenty of opportunities for them to do so. With a grand play gym from Community Playthings as the center piece for the room, there will also be a wet play area, role-play area, creative/arts area and plenty of tabletop space for group activities.

In the toddlers environment there is a greater emphasis on independence, so children are encouraged to wash their hands by themselves and have access to a low level sink with thermal regulated taps. Toddlers are invited to walk up the stairs to get their nappy changed and will also begin their potty training when ready. In the toddler rooms, a wealth of resources, covering all the areas of the EYFS and at toddler height give your child endless opportunities to explore, find out about what they like and start developing their passions. Of course if that all sounds a little too hectic there is also a cosy/book shelter for children to get warm and comfortable, sit and read, or rest and sleep.

Like all age groups, the toddlers will also benefit from the use of our all weather indoor/outdoor play space and it’s amazing jungle gym, as well as outdoor trips to extend their learning beyond the nursery and into the wider world!