We use Ceeda Surveys to recieve feedback, monitor how our staff and parents feel about our nursery and look for areas we can improve upon. We think it’s important that people have an opportunity to tell us what’s working well and what we can do better in. We perform these surveys annually and use them to shape our action plans for the year.

So far our parents have been very happy with the experience we provide at the nursery and it’s been truly inspiring getting all their wonderful feedback. Another great year for all our fantastic team and all the wonderful children!

We asked all of our parents to take part in a CEEDA survey, of those who agreed, 100% would recommend us to another parent, if you want to see why, you should pop by and give us a visit! We’re always happy to meet new people. However, if you’re a numbers person, maybe you’d like to get your teeth into some statistics.

Parents are asked a series of roughly 10 questions per theme, parents answer the questions by scoring 1-10, we can then get a breakdown of how many parents gave us what score per question, the average score we receive per question and the average score of a theme (i.e. an average of the average scores for all the questions in a theme).


Providing a Safe and Secure Environment: 9.39/10
(Questions about how safe the environment is, how confident parents are in the professionalism of the staff and whether the nursery promotes good health)

Providing Caring and Learning: 9.52/10
(Questions about the staff’s quality of care/relationships with the children, as well as behaviour management, inclusion and the age appropriateness of activities at the nursery)

Working in Partnership with you: 9.63/10
(Questions about how well the staff interact and communicate with the parents, as well as how well informed parents feel about the nursery and their child)

Timing and Flexibility of Care: 9.25/10
(Questions on how well the nursery meets and adapts to a parent’s scheduling requirements)

So why are those scores so high? Well this pie chart gives us a breakdown of how often our parents gave us what score. Most of the time, most of our parents thought the nursery was 10/10!

64.7% of the time, our parents rated our nursery 10/10 on any given question! 93.86% of the time it was 8/10 or higher! Thank you to our parents, we’ll do our best to keep pushing those numbers up!