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Why are we Outstanding?

Nothing is more important to us than our children, so we always ask ourselves, what would we want for our children, Edward, Lola and James Kent? The short answer is, everything! With this mind set at the core of our values, we approach our nursery with the goal of delivering the very best nursery care for every child who joins us. This includes:

  • A broad curriculum covering all the areas of the EYFS to help your child develop a love of learning.
  • Our school readiness program for pre-school children, to prepare and support them through their transition to “big school”, plus support and advice for parents in applying for schools.
  • Foreign Languages to support children from all around the world, promoting diversity and supporting early communication development. These include Spanish and Italian.
  • Understanding and recognising that every child is unique and tailoring our approach to each individual.
  • Lots of freedom to explore child initiated learning, to encourage their curiosity and build on their passions and interests.
  • Promoting children’s independence and building confidence and self-esteem from an early age.
  • Extended opportunities to explore the great outdoors, and daily outings to explore our local community.
  • An enhanced focus on physical development for all ages with our all-weather indoor/outdoor play spaces. 
  • We celebrate diversity, encouraging children, staff and parents to share their language, culture and talents with everyone as much as possible.
  • Lots of interesting experiences and extra-curricular activities such as ‘Toddler City’ (sports), ‘Music by Emily’ and Zoolab (an exotic animal experience).
  • Regular outings include Clissold Park, Gillespie Park, the Ecology Centre, Olden Gardens and the Science Museum. We also welcome suggestions and recommendations!
  • Open minds and listening ears, let us know what matters to you?
  • We are all inclusive, so no extra charges for any of the above.
  • Most importantly, we make sure that all our children are happy as can be, so don’t be upset if your child doesn’t want to leave nursery!

Of course, we can’t do all of this on our own. The real secret to delivering our outstanding care is all the effort we put into recruiting, training and retaining the most talented, enthusiastic and diverse team members from across the globe. It’s their passion, creativity and dedication that makes the nursery a place of joy and learning for everyone. Be sure to check out our staff page too!

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