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We believe that in order to get the best outcomes for our children, we must all embrace our shared vision and have a strong ethos in our approach to learning and development. Our team vision at Monkey Puzzle Angel is:

“Inspiring Children to Change Tomorrow’s World”

Our aim is to provide enchanting and enabling environments for children to learn in their own way. We have six themes of our Ethos which underpin everything that we do with the children at our nurseries and define our team culture, nursery design concept and education strategies. 

Learning Themes

Cultural Capital

It is the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for future success. Cultural Capital is about giving children the best possible start to their early education. Children start in the nursery with a variety of different experiences and we want to ensure the curriculum we deliver enhances multiple opportunities for the children to experience this essential knowledge

How do we promote this in the nursery?

When your child starts in our nursery, we will ask you what you would like your child to experience. During the time your child will be at nursery, we will organize a wide variety of engaging activities and experiences to let them explore and discover ‘the awe and wonder of the world’. We promote Cultural Capital through real life experiences, such as, visiting our local care home, through role play activities such as going camping, by building a den using a table and blankets, getting torches and reading stories in the cosy den. This gives our children a taste of all the things you can do in our big wide world. We display the Cultural Capital activities and experiences the children have had in each room to encourage and promote discussion around their experiences.

Some examples of what we do:

  • Visit from ZooLab which is an organisation that introduces many different animals like a snake, spider, snail, salamander, etc. to the children. They bring them with them so the children have the option to see and touch them.
  • Visit from guide dog
  • Visiting the National History Museum
  • Visit from fire men with fire truck. The children get the opportunity to see a fire truck from close and even try out the water hose.
  • Go for a picnic in the park.
  • Pretending to be at the beach by creating the seaside inside the nursery.
  • Making a tent and pretend to go camping.
  • Visiting the care home
  • Visiting the farm
  • And more..

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